Katrina grew up in Glenview and was Home Schooled, with her two brothers. To answer the most asked question:  No, socialization was never an issue.  Competitiveness is part of her personality.

Katrina was an active soccer player, from grade school thru her Sophomore year in High School. Her skills and competitive edge gave her the opportunity to tryout for the Olympic Development Training Program for the US Team.

A dislocated shoulder side-lined her and her orthopedic doctor advised her of her options.  Knowing soccer was just part of her journey, she refocused her gifts, and talents.  She immersed herself into her passions of artistic endeavors and film.

Along with her artistic abilities, she continued her involvement in the sport of Olympic Style Air-Rifle Competition. In 2004 and 2005, she along with her teammates brought home the bronze medal in 2004 and the silver in 2005 at the Junior National Olympics.

Besides her involvement in competitive sports, she had the privilege of traveling since she could walk.  Her family traveled to over 25 states.  A tent and a campsite was their base to visit many historical sites. 

As she entered Jr. High, she had the privilege of traveling outside of the continental US.  Through the guidance of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, she traveled on the Wilderness Adventure to visit many places in Alaska.  It was an immersion of learning from a marine biologist, Tlingit Indians and Kayaking with them in the Fjords of Glacier Bay.

Traveling to the British Virgin Islands, under the supervision of a close family friend, who is a Sea Captain, Katrina embarked on a 10 day sailing trip aboard a 27ft boat.  Here, she practiced her skills of Snorkeling and studying the stars every night.  To be a Sea Captain, one must learn to navigate via the heavens.

Under the flag of the US and National Geographic, Katrina spent two weeks learning from Marine Biologists and Ecologists the incredible diversity of creatures in the Galapagos Islands.  Hiking before breakfast and snorkeling and hiking throughout the day, she was surrounded by an enrichment of knowledge. She also had the privilege of experiencing the hospitality of the Ecuadorian people. In 2009, another opportunity presented itself for her to go on a photo safari to South Africa in Kruger National Park.

In the Summer of 2010, she took a class through National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), where she white water kayaked in Utah and rock climbed in Wyoming.  Here she fine tuned her leadership skills, in which she had to practice everyday.  Her goal was to master these skills under physically, mentally and emotionally challenging situations. 

Her involvement in competitive sports taught her self discipline and self control. Her travels expanded her knowledge of different people and cultures.  It is through these experiences and many others that influence her life and enrich her creative visions in film.

We have all experienced hardships and tragedies in our lives, some more than others.  It is how we handle these life changing events that shape us who we are today. Ordinary people overcoming extraordinary events as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things, are the stories I want to depict in my drawings and films.  Faith, Family and Friends are all part of our journey.  Most of the time it is these three things that also cause the greatest challenges.  It is what is dearest to our heart that forces us to hate or love so deeply.  It is my desire to inspire and encourage the audience through my art whatever medium it may be, to expose the rawness of the journey of the human spirit. There is always hope even in our darkest hours. Life is a very short journey, some shorter than others.  To live without love is the greatest human tragedy.

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