It's not just the quality of Katrina's work that sets Mythic Studio Productions apart from other studios, it's also the diversity, creativity and style that is visible in each and every one of her works.


See for yourself how Mythic Studio Productions captures the essence of the subject. Whether it's a precious moment in one's life, an online commercial spot, commissioned artwork, storyboards, professional head shots, a family portrait, product photography or filmography, she can captured it. Each piece is a testament to how Mythic Studio Productions uses the interplay between light, technology and people to create unique works of art tailored to your needs. 

Katrina Meier Mythic Studio Productions © 2012

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We have all experienced hardships and tragedies in our lives, some more than others.  It is how we handle these life changing events that shape us who we are today. Ordinary people overcoming extraordinary events as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things, are the stories I want to depict in my drawings and films.  Faith, Family and Friends are all part of our journey.  Most of the time it is these three things that also cause the greatest challenges.  It is what is dearest to our heart that forces us to hate or love so deeply.  It is my desire to inspire and encourage the audience through my art whatever medium it may be, to expose the rawness of the journey of the human spirit. There is always hope even in our darkest hours. Life is a very short journey, some shorter than others.  To live without love is the greatest human tragedy.

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